About Me

Learning new technologies as a career path

My passion for learning new technologies and enabling data-driven decisions has led me to develop expertise in several tools, including statistical analysis, data mining, machine learning, Python, R, SQL, Excel, Tableau, PowerBi, Adobe Creative Cloud, and even ChatGPT. I believe that emerging technologies, such as AI and ML, have enormous potential to provide factual insights from data, and I am excited to explore and utilize them. For example, most of the images featured on this website were generated with A

I have been able to acquire new skills beyond what I learned in my formal education, thanks to my quick learning ability and passion for learning. I taught myself graphic and web design by following online tutorials. Furthermore, I gained proficiency in building websites with WordPress, like the one you are currently viewing.

Data Analyst

Looking for a data analytics expert who can help you turn your data into actionable insights? Look no further! With my diverse background in biology, UX design, and data analytics, I have the skills and tools necessary to help you make data-driven decisions. Whether you need to build predictive models, identify trends and patterns, or create visualizations that communicate complex information, I have the expertise to help you achieve your goals. So why wait? Contact me today to learn how I can help you unlock the full potential of your data!

Machine learning 90%
R 90%
Python 90%
SQL 85%
Tableau 90%