I'm Data Analyst
Maria Fernanda Pina Mousseau

Welcome to my portfolio website! My name is Maria Fernanda Pina-Mousseau, and I am a data analytics enthusiast with a diverse background in biology, UX design, and data analytics. Originally from Costa Rica, I am currently pursuing a master’s degree in Data Analytics from SUNY Plattsburgh.

About Me

Providing solutions based on factual data.

With my expertise in machine learning and data visualization, I can help organizations gain valuable insights from their data and make informed decisions. Whether it’s building predictive models, identifying trends and patterns, or creating interactive visualizations, I have the skills and tools necessary to help organizations unlock the full potential of their data.


Programming Languages & Software

Ability to code proefficiently in Python, R and SQL. Expertise in software such as Excel, Tableau and Power BI.

Machine learning algorithms

Ability to clean and process data to feed it into different machine learning algorithms. 

Data Insights

Ability to abstract insights to make data driven decisions based on  the results of the exploratory data analysis and predictive or prescritive analytics. 

Work Experience

Trauma Registrar

Abstraction of required state and national trauma data bank elements into the Trauma Registry database on all patients meeting state or national trauma inclusion criteria. Code the appropriate medical procedures

Trauma Registrar
UX Design Summer Intern

Creation of wireframes of Zyndicate’s software using Figma ensuring that the software is intuitive and user-friendly by designing the user interface in a way
that aligns with users’ needs and expectations.

UX/UI Designer
Selling Partner Support

Research and identification of solutions to technical problems.
Collaboration with vendors to locate replacement components and solve advanced problems.

Selling Partner Support
Freelance Spanish Interpreter

As an English-Spanish and German interpreter at Lionbridge, my main responsibility was to facilitate communication between parties who spoke different languages.

Language Interpreter
Teaching Assistant

As a professor assistant for biology courses and labs at the University of Costa Rica, my main responsibility was to support the professor in teaching and facilitating student learning. 

Professor Assitant

My Projects
(full content coming soon...)

Predicting deer-vehicle collisions based on environmental data using supervised ML
Skills & techniques: Data analysis, supervised machine learning techniques, Python, Tableau. Overall...
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Predicting the occurrence of a Brain Stroke based on physiological data using machine learning
Skills & techniques: Data analytics, supervised machine learning techniques, R Programming language. Summary Stroke...
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Sentiment Analysis, topic modeling & word frequency of scientific papers on intermittent fasting
Skills & techniques: Text mining, sentiment analysis, topic modeling, social media analytics, R,...
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