Sentiment Analysis, topic modeling & word frequency of scientific papers on intermittent fasting

Skills & techniques: Text mining, sentiment analysis, topic modeling, social media analytics, R, Python.


  • Inform the general public about scientific discoveries.
  • Inform people about the benefits of intermittent fasting and its effects on longevity.
  • Determine the pros and cons of this practice.
  • Provide techniques for scientists to share scientific information to the general public.

Intermittent fasting or time-restricted eating

  • Fasting is the act of abstaining to eat for a number of days 
  • Time-restricted eating is the act of abstaining from eating for a number of hours.
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  • It has been shown to have numerous health benefits.

Positive Sentiment

Topic modeling

Weight loss mechanisms and popular diets

[‘reduced’, ‘review’, ‘energy’, ‘present’, ‘ad’, ‘popular’, ‘meal’, ‘loss’, ‘mechanisms’, ‘study’]

Positive metabolic benefits of healthy eating and exercise programs

[‘program’, ‘expression’, ‘metabolic’, ‘calorie’, ‘improve’, ‘benefits’, ‘positive’, ‘healthy’, ‘humans’, ‘protein’]

The impact of fasting on metabolic health and weight management

[‘including’, ‘fasting’, ‘benefits’, ‘impact’, ‘studies’, ‘ramadan’, ‘effective’, ‘metabolic’, ‘results’, ‘weight’]

Experimental models and beneficial metabolic pathways for calorie intake

[‘metabolic’, ‘pathways’, ‘caloric’, ‘day’, ‘beneficial’, ‘food’, ‘intake’, ‘experimental’, ‘models’, ‘animal’]

Experimental models and beneficial metabolic pathways for calorie intake

[‘types’, ‘mice’, ‘different’, ‘days’, ‘studies’, ‘day’, ‘including’, ‘effective’, ‘body’, ‘male’]

Negative sentiment

Topic modeling

Animal models and limited benefits of certain practices for survival and aging

[‘help’, ‘benefits’, ‘practiced’, ‘survival’, ‘aging’, ‘models’, ‘animal’, ‘food’, ‘shown’, ‘limited’]

The effects of daily 12-hour fasting on liver function and intake

[‘prolonged’, ‘daily’, ‘study’, ‘shows’, ‘include’, ‘liver’, ‘time’, ‘intake’, ’12’, ‘practice’]

The role of the SIRT1 enzyme and implicated genes in human aging over the past years

[‘past’, ‘years’, ‘popularity’, ‘enzyme’, ‘sirt1’, ‘role’, ‘implicated’, ‘genes’, ‘aging’, ‘human’]

Widely used caloric type to enhance body benefits in different mouse groups

[‘widely’, ‘groups’, ‘decreased’, ‘benefits’, ‘used’, ‘mice’, ‘enhance’, ‘type’, ‘caloric’, ‘body’]

Investigating the effects of prolonged time window for daily resistance training on increasing resistance

[‘window’, ‘increase’, ‘resistance’, ‘study’, ‘long’, ‘investigated’, ‘groups’, ‘daily’, ‘hours’, ‘time’]

Word frequency

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